For a unique and fun experience, book your next birthday party at The Mentors Robot Shop!

Available Party Packages

LEGO® EV3 Mindstorms Birthday Party (2 Hours; 4th grade+)

Party guests will work in teams to design and build a LEGO® autonomous robot using the EV3 LEGO®* microprocessor, motors, sensors and LEGO “weaponry”. They will then battle in a friendly Battlebot-style competition. May the best robot win! 





LEGO® WeDo 2.0 Birthday Party (2 Hours; K-3rd grade)

Younger kids will enjoy experimenting with science while they learn to build playful motorized creations using LEGO® WeDo 2.0. They will build and program robots using sensors, motors, and LEGO®’s playful WeDo 2.0 software. Kids will be in awe to see their motorized creations come to life!









Dash & DOT® Birthday Party (2 Hours; K-3rd grade)

Party guests will explore with Dash & Dot using the "Go" and "Path" Apps. These applications use a picture-based, drag-and-drop, interfaces to help kids plan, program and execute an adventure. 








All Party Packages include:


  • Knowledgeable staff and full supervision (2 Staff Per Party)

  • 30 minutes free build

  • 30 minutes for food - Bring in your own

  • 60 minutes for robot activities

  • Paper products (plates, cups, napkins, silverware)

  • Special TMRS gift for the birthday child

  • A unique experience they will never forget!

Days & Times (subject to availability)

  • Friday (6:30pm-8:30pm)

  • Saturday (times vary)

  • Sunday (times vary)


  • $225 for up to 10 participants

  • $15 per child over 10 (maximum of 15 kids total)


Other Information

  • No prior building/programming experience is required for any birthday party.

  • LEGO® EV3, LEGO® WeDo and Dash & Dot robotic projects cannot be taken home.

  • The Mentors Robot Shop is a NUT FREE facility! Please make sure any food you bring for the children is safe for those with nut allergies.


To reserve your party, please contact us at (810) 207-8040. If you have any additional questions you can e-mail us at


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